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Hot Air Balloon Rainbow Striped Garden Spinner - Six Panels

  • 1299

This Zcutt Home Goods brightly colored hot air balloon spinner has six striped sewn panels and a flowing 30-inch curly tail. It is made from high-quality, durable materials and includes a brass, swivel hanging inglefield clip. These windsocks spin beautifully in the breeze.
Quality Materials: Made of high-quality polyester fabric -- weather and fade resistant for long lasting sharp, vivid colors -- that is laminated on plastic panels to maintain shape. Enjoy year-round.
Hang Anywhere: These windsocks can easily be hung from just about anywhere with the included swivel clip. No pole or extra brackets required.
Colorful, Unique Decoration: Add creativity and fun with one or more of these unique spinners for holidays, outdoor advertisements, sports events, promotions, festivals, garden decoration and as a classic everyday decoration. Great for homes and businesses.
Easy to Assemble: Ships flat and can be assembled in under a minute. Simple how-to steps are included.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: With our 30-day Money Back and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you know you will receive a quality windsock from Zcutt Home Goods.
Order this for yourself or as a great gift today. Enjoy fast delivery!